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Who are we?

Benoit and Charles, two of the MYBS founders, are alumni of ESADE Business School in Barcelona and ESCP Business School in Paris. Just like you, they went through the application process, which provided them with insights in the pitfalls and obstacles. That awareness resulted in the creation of this platform. Having access to extensive partnership alliances, such as the CEMS network, provided them with a strong network of alumni of Europe's top Business Schools.

Simon, the third MYBS founder brought the necessary technical skills to the table to make this website a reality. He has transformed the raw data and concepts into an oiled and optimized search engine. Armed with a lot of experience in building up sites for different targets and with different functions, he strives to get you the best functionality while keeping the 'ease of use' as simple as possible.

Recently a young teammember joined. Louis, still studying at IE Business School - ranked on top of the FT ranking - will spread the myBS brand throughout Europe by approaching new business schools and increasing awareness among grads and undergrads.

This core team is supported by an extensive network of 'student representatives'. These are alumni or students currently doing their master at a business school. Feel free to get in touch with them: log in, search for your favorite master and fill in the contact form!