Mind - Rational approach

Deciding upon your future cannot be done overnight. It's important to make a decision out of a shortlist of alternatives that can be compared against each other. We offer you the tools to search, select and compare different masters offered by top business schools in Europe.

Your own - Tailored solution

After several years of studying, you have a clear idea where your interests lie and what exactly is your cup of tea. Searching this preference in the extensive offer currently existing is like searching a needle in a haystack. We help you by adding specific and relevant search criteria and help you to easily access all the necessary information. Moreover, we think it's essential to not only be guided by cold numbers. The strength of our offer lies in our network. We try to have a contact person for all the masters.

Business school - Qualitative offer

We offer you 1159 masters, divided up in 6 main categories to make your search more efficient. The resulting output is a list of masters, which allows you to quickly access and compare the key information you need to base your decision on. The schools offering the masters are ranked by the Financial Times in the top 70 of Europe.


All the information that is presented on this website is based on availability by the schools. Our set of business schools is based on top 70 Master in Management ranking by the Financial Times. In case information is missing, it was not directly traceable from the school's website.

We are constantly working on the precision of information. Therefore we keep on updating our website regularly. We will keep you posted with new information in our 'news' section. If you notice mistakes, for example because of changes made by schools, you would do us a great favour by contacting us at info@mybs.be.

Please note that this website serves as a guide for graduating students. A decision is not made overnight, please do your due diligence before applying. MYBS is not responsible for information errors.